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Hello Wine lovers!  Yes it's true. Winter is here. The leaves have fallen and the snow has blanketed the countryside. Not to fret though. Take advantage of this season. Pull the cork on that special bottle of wine that's been stored away for the last few years.
 Enjoy life- It's "Red Wine Time"!

Every month, I'll be exploring new wines, wineries and possibly restaurants; covering topics that I hope you find interesting and enlightening. I'm very interested in your feedback as well. We welcome any of your stories, comments and suggestions relating to wine and the wine industry. Feel free to send us an email and we'll try to get it posted on the site.



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When choosing racking for your wine cellar, be conscious of the materials used in their construction. Woods like redwood and mahogany are stable and resistant to moisture. Aromatic woods, such as cedar, are not a good choice. They can release compounds into the air which can be absorbed by your cellared wine.

Sulfite-Free and Organic Wines

Through the years, many methods have been used to make wine a healthier food. There are a lot of steps in the production of wine from the growing of the grapes to the corking of the bottle, but from a health standpoint, let's start with the fruit.

In winemaking, fruit is everything. You just can't make good wine without good, healthy fruit. How do you get this? Well, that varies from grower to grower and also from nation to nation. Let's face it, fruit yield is a big part of our modern economy. That's why many farmers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides- to maximize the ability of each plant to produce the most fruit it can without sacrificing quality. Some countries have little or no regulations on the use of pesticides and that's why we, as consumers, need to be educated and informed about the various farming practices used on the fruit we eat.

In the wine industry, this awareness has opened new markets geared toward the health-minded consumer; Sulfite-Free and Organic Wines.

  • Sulfite Free Wines- This term is a little misleading. It actually means that no additional sulfite was added to the wine other than that which is naturally produced in the fermentation process. Sulfite is added to wine as a natural preservative. Some people, however feel that they are allergic to sulfites and are looking for sulfite alternatives in wine.

  • Organic Wines- In organic wines, the fruit is grown using only organic practices, ensuring that no inorganic chemicals or pesticides were used in its production.

OK, that's great. We have healthier choices; Sulfite-Free and Organic Wines. But now for the big question- How do they stack up? By making them organic or sulfite- free, is anything lost in the taste or aging capabilities of these wines?

To help answer this question, I'm going to search out  these markets, trying as many as I can and write my reviews on this website. As a matter of fact, I recently tried one of these wines and you'll find my review in this new section of my site.


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